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The best way to make money in personal training is to train independently or own your own training practice. However, in order to get there, you may have to spend some time in a typical gym setting in order to gain some experience and necessary confidence to go on your own. While you’re working for someone else, it’s crucial to learn to skills you need in order to go solo as soon as possible. Training skills are very important, but the main thing you’re looking to learn here are the people skills that it takes to be a successful trainer. So you need to be aggressive in getting clients and filling up your training schedule. The good news is that if you have good ideas to get new clients, management may be willing to help you (they should be – after all, they’re stealing nearly all of your money) Here are a few things that have worked extremely well for me in the health-club environment:

Free Body-Fat Promotions

Every one or two weeks, set up a help desk where you’re holding free body-fat assessments for members. Put signs up around the gym starting a few days out, and when the day comes, go ahead and man that table for a few hours. When doing your assessments, question your prospects about their routines, goals, and the effectiveness of their programs. This is a great time to uncover that “satisfaction gap” (see previous post) and how you’re the person to help them fill it (get your mind out of the gutter).¬†¬†Have a look at Boxing gyms near me for more info on this.

Test-Drive/Trouble-Shooting Packages

As any experienced trainer will tell you, clients stay on with their trainers as much or more for the camaraderie as the results. So you want to create a small window of time for this relationship to build. You can do this by offering small trial packages at a discounted price. You can market this as a troubleshooting package, and they would be an ideal thing to sell during your help desk consultations, or any other time you meet a “cold” prospect on the gym floor. If you deliver high-quality sessions and are a good listener, the fact is that very few clients will stop training with you after the trial, and you become 10x more likely to sign them to a high-value package afterwards.


Now’s also a good time to choose your specialty. Having a specialty is essential for success as a trainer, so start now to pick the body of knowledge that you want to focus on and master. Let your health-club manager know about this so that he can start to direct these types of clients your way. And any time you get a client outside of your specialty, give them to one of the other trainers. Ideally, they should return the favor (but don’t hold your breath).